Only A Rich Thug Can Fill My Prescription

Growing up in a poverty-stricken project in New Orleans, Mahaila faces daily struggles that would break the strongest spirits. Yet, she dares to dream—not just of escaping her tough and harsh realities, but also of finding true love, not just a dope boy or Thug. She navigates the crazy streets of New Orleans with challenges, from gun violence to gang war rivalries, all while cultivating her inner strength and self-assurance. Just when it seems she might finally rise above her life’s obstacles, her mother’s addiction threatens to shatter everything she’s worked for.

Life had been life’n up until she meets Khalix, a man who’s achieved material success but finds himself yearning for emotional connection and authentic love. When he meets Mahaila, he’s struck by her aura and beauty, both inner and outer. Torn between his life on the streets and his desire for a genuine relationship, Khalix has to decide: is he willing to risk it all for love?

In this emotionally charged romance, Mahaila’s journey takes her far beyond the confining walls of the projects, leading her to unexpected places of self-discovery and love. Hold onto your seat—and your heart—as you experience a story that proves even in the most unforgiving environments, love can blossom and transform lives. Welcome aboard to this unputdownable read of: Only A Rich Thug Can Fill My Prescription by author Miss Jazzie. She also brought you the classic African American romance series of A Nolia Boss Saved Me. Married To The Don Of New Orleans, A New Orleans Virgin & A Hood Millionaire.