One Year Stand With A Philly Billionaire

The scary thing about life is that things are fine, maybe even perfect, until they are suddenly not. In a split second, or even with time, like a year, you have to make decisions and hope you make the right one as they define who you are or even who you will become.

I spent a few days in Miami with my cousins on a weekend gateway. Who knew two of those days would be spent with a man? A man named KaSha. I had no clue who he was, what he did, or why I felt so drawn to him. I’d allowed myself to risk my already failing marriage because, in those moments, at my most confused and vulnerable time, he made me feel alive.

Then, I found out who he was, and he gave me an offer I couldn’t resist. There are only a few life-changing moments in our lives, and this was one of them. Like a broken record, the question I had asked myself so many times repeatedly played in my head. What would I do in a one year stand with a Philly Billionaire, and what would he do to me?