One Minute I Hate You

Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family. But is it worth it when your boyfriend constantly embarrasses you with the lying and games? The beautiful Zaryah Cox learned the hard way. She constantly accepts the bad treatment and disrespect from her baby daddy, Kareem Banks in hopes that one day she will find the love that they once shared when they first got together. Zaryah doesn’t know if she loves him or hates him. After making regrettable sacrifices, she soon learns that loyalty means nothing in a dog-eat-dog world. After the ultimate betrayal, Zaryah is forced to move on from her old life and start over. A new love was never in the picture, but what happens when you stumble into the arms of the charming devil himself?

Zachary Slaid, aka Zoo, is the handsome young boss supplying the streets of Atlanta. Zoo lives for the street life and often says the streets chose him. He vowed that no woman would have access to his heart again after every woman he’s ever loved betrayed him. However, when he crosses paths with Zaryah, things change quickly. He didn’t plan to fall for this goddess, but Zaryah looked at him like no other woman did. She saw the good in him. She’s the only woman that can tame the beast. Zoo is determined to make Zaryah his, but only one thing stands in the way, she’s his cousin’s baby mama.