My Thug, My Savage, My Dope Boy 2

Emani Nichols receives the shock of her life after attending her best friend Justice’s kickback. She thought she had problems before, but Emani quickly learns how complicated her life has really gotten; especially after discovering that her savage, Ezekiel Johnson, was the twin brother of her heart, Rakeem Johnson. Emani later finds out that not only does Rakeem have a brother, but Justice’s man, Jaxson, is her man’s cousin. With all of these puzzle pieces beginning to come together, Emani feels overwhelmed, shocked, and in disbelief with the turn of events. This is not supposed to be her life, but life is laughing its tail off at her expense. Emani experiences what it really means to be living in a small world.

Being the peace-maker that she endangers Emani on a level that no one expects when she works to stop a heated argument between her two best friends, Bridgette and Justice. Will she pull through? Or will she succumb to her circumstances? Through it all, Rakeem is right there by her side, and Zeke is secretly hiding behind the scenes and lurking in the shadows. Knowing that they love the same woman, how will things fare out for the brothers? Who will Emani eventually choose?

There are many intricate parts to this story that takes Emani, Rakeem, Zeke, and the rest of the crew on an invigorating and bumpy ride. Betrayal will happen. Hidden truths will be revealed. Relationships will be broken and destroyed. In the end, love still survives, but for who? Find the answers to your questions and so much more as you read the anticipated finale of My Thug, My Savage, My Dope Boy 2, written by award-winning and bestselling author Twyla T.