My Thug, My Savage, My Dope Boy

Warning: Cliffhanger alert.

Emani Nichols

My life? I can’t deal! Don’t get me wrong, from the outside looking in, I had my life together. I owned my own home, had a nice ride, loved my job. Moreover, my inner circle was small, the way I liked it. However, my love life… yeah. That was for the birds. My thug, my ace, my man, Rakeem or Ra for short, is currently doing a bid for some petty stuff, and I promised to hold him down while he’s locked up. Our relationship wasn’t that gravy before he went in, but I love him. Although can I put my life on hold for 10 more years? Especially when a woman has needs.


Zeke is my savage, who is auditioning for the position of my man. However, I just can’t get with him fully quite yet. It’s something about him that I can’t trust, plus I get a sneaky vibe every time I’m around him. Or am I putting my guard up because of my love and loyalty to Ra? I honestly don’t know, and I’m beyond confused because I admit that Ra has my whole heart. Though I can’t say the same for him. I’m torn between staying loyal to Rakeem, who hasn’t always been loyal to me, and giving Zeke a chance so that I can move on with my life. What’s a woman to do when her heart and her head are constantly battling each other?

Justice Balark

“Men? Forget them!” has been my motto ever since my last relationship failed. I didn’t have time for the baggage that came with men and relationships; especially the hurt and pain they brought. Besides, I am too focused on getting money and working on my real estate business. Men were good for only one thing to me. Until I met him, Jaxson. Jax, my dope boy, swiftly entered my life and changed the game for me. He even got me catching feelings and taking major risks that I would have never considered before. But, what’s a woman to do when the unexpected happens and the heart starts making decisions for you?

Take this journey with best friends Emani and Justice as they navigate the complications of life, love, and relationships in book one of the blazing new series, My Thug, My Savage, My Dope Boy by award-winning and bestselling author Twyla T.