My Shawty: An Original Love Story

Nicole had her hands full, trying to raise two teenage boys in the mean streets of Chicago. Her nephew and her son were trying to do the right thing but trouble seemed to always find them. After her son, Babyface is shot and his best friend is killed, Nicole sends her son Babyface and Nephew to Jackson, Mississippi to live with her mom as a way to give them better opportunity and a fair hand at life. She figured that down south had a slower pace and Big Mama would be able to keep an eye on them. While down south, the duo continued to go down the same path that they were on in Chicago. While pretending to work decent jobs and go to school, once the sun went down, the boys found themselves in the streets, trying to become the drug kingpins they craved to be.

Meanwhile, Chyna Patterson had finally graduated high school and was ready to live life her way. After doing everything her mom always wanted, she decided to attend Jackson State University, going against her mother’s wishes. Her mother decided to cut her off financially, leaving Chyna to fend for herself. Instead of folding, Chyna made a decision to do what’s needed to survive. In the process, she met Babyface and their two worlds collided. Chyna wanted into the street life and decided to ride alongside Babyface, determined to prove that she could be the Bonnie to his Clyde. But when competition threatened Babyface’s reign in the streets, was Chyna ready to do what was necessary to survive? Or would the streets and all the secrets it held be too much for this couple?