My Shawty 2: An Original Love Story

After escaping trouble in Chicago, Nicole sends her only son Babyface and nephew Vice to Jackson, Mississippi to live with their grandma. She wants them to have a better opportunity in life and thinks that the slower pace under the watchful eye of her mom would be better for the duo. After moving down south, the duo continues down the same path they were heading in Chicago. To be seen as legit, Babyface attends college at Jackson State University while Vice gets a job at a local McDonald’s. These outlets serve as a cover for their real money making of being young kingpins. After a chance meeting at the airport, Chyna and Babyface meets and their two worlds collides. They fall in love and readily accept Babyface as he is. To prove she is ride or die, Chyna wants into the street life and rides alongside Babyface. After getting in the game, the trio faces what it means for people to be gunning for you at every turn. They quickly learn how trust is a must and how consequences can lead to deadly encounters. To expand their operation, Babyface and Chyna take a meeting with their major supplier. However, what they find behind closed doors shocks them to their core. Meanwhile, Babyface and Chyna’s whirlwind love affair continues to grow. However, someone else has fallen in love with Babyface, and Pete continues his vow to win Chyna back. Because of unforeseen factors, Babyface and Chyna’s love will be tested. Will their young love be strong enough to survive? Whether you are an avid reader or not, ‘My Shawty 2: An Original Love Story’ is an incredibly easy read that will keep you wanting more from start to end. Twyla T. paints a perfect picture in your imagination with the unique way she describes each character and situation.