My Other Baby Mama Box Set: A Dope Boy Saga

My Other Baby Mama is by far one of the best African American Urban Fiction series out. It’s available right here for your reading pleasure. In this complete series, you’ll take an unforgettable ride with Author Dani Littlepage. She is signed to Cole Hart Signature and her writing is very clever, and this story is unputdownable.

***WARNING*** This is not your typical, Urban Romance, Dope Boy, Thug Love, or Kingpin Savage book.

Heart pounding.

Nail biting.



My Other Baby Mama A Dope boy Love Saga is about the life of a young man that is successful in the drug game with his own operation. While trying to stay clear of the cops and provide for his family, he also has to manage his love life between his main chick and his side chick.

Ramsey, 26, is the man in the city of Philly and the most popular drug dealer in the game. His drug operation and his money are his main focus and if anything or anyone stands in the way of that, he won’t hesitate to put them down. Every drug dealer needs a rider and his has been holding him down for five years strong. Although he has love for his main chick, he found love with his side chick of three years. If things weren’t complicated for Ramsey already, when he impregnated both women at the same time and had his children five days apart, his love life only intensified. While his heart is with one woman, his love for money and the streets is greater which may cause him to lose the woman he truly loves.

Baylynn, 24, is Ramsey’s ride or die and a woman with a scandalous past. She was a known thot in the streets of Philly and was proud of the reputation she had made for herself but when Ramsey came into the picture, she gave up her whorish ways for the man she loved but her path on the straight and narrow didn’t last for long. Throughout their relationship, Baylynn had numerous affairs on Ramsey and is often questioned about the paternity of their daughter Brandi. With many skeletons in her closet, Baylynn does her best to keep them hidden but, it might not be enough to keep them hidden from Ramsey and his family.

Cashmere, 22, is the side chick of Ramsey. A college graduate, bookstore owner, blogger and all around good girl. Drawn to Ramsey’s charm, Cashmere was swept off her feet. It wasn’t until she was six months into her relationship with Ramsey that she found out that she wasn’t the only woman in his life. Not wanting to give up the man she loved, Cashmere played her role as the side chick and when their daughter, Cassi, was born she continued to be the secret no one but Ramsey’s family knew about. With promises of becoming number one in his life, Cashmere holds on and fights for her position but her patience is wearing thin.

Sex, lies, secrets and betrayal are in the mix of this love triangle but when the truth is exposed, will Ramsey’s money and business continue to be his focus or will his heart lead him to a real love like no other? Find out how their story unfolds in the complete series of My Other Baby Mama!