Movin’ Different 4: A Hood Millionaire Romance

In this final installment of Movin’ Different, McKenzie and Blaze are finally on the right track in their relationship. They are in the midst of wedding planning when a blast from the past returns, threatening to tear down everything they’ve worked so hard to build. They pray their relationship is strong enough to withhold the troubles, but are the actions too heartbreaking for them to bounce back one last time?

As if marrying someone you know you shouldn’t have and having a new baby, Aniyah was balancing as best as she could. But when the bombshell that her step-sister has a baby with her husband is thrown in her face, she wonders how much more she can actually take. She finds herself at Kenzie’s doorstep, trying to adjust to the fact she is now a single mother and hide from the embarrassment both Quan and Shavon caused. Despite their differences, Kenzie is in her sister’s corner. But is that enough for Aniyah to be able to hold her head high and move forward? Or will her love for Quan lead her back into his arms and putting up with his cheating ways?

The crew you’ve grown to love, and maybe hate, is back for one last ride. Everyone wants a happily ever after, but when you Move Different, you may not always get what you want.