Me And Somebody’s Son 2

Loving someone’s son has never caused so much drama. Infidelity, side chicks, and mothers that don’t know their place sounds like a recipe for disaster, and it is. The commotion continues for the Rowe sisters and their inner circle as they deal with the fallout from Milani’s accident. It’s hard to know which way is up and who they can trust when family secrets come back to haunt them with a vengeance. Will the wrongdoers get what they deserve? Will the mothers get put in their place? Lastly, will the sisters ever find happiness with the men that they’ve chosen?

The conclusion of this urban romance series, penned by Michelle Elaine and Dejah Rice, will give you one last glimpse at the highs and lows that Milani, Tahirah, and Nevaeh endure while trying to find love in the heart of Atlanta.