Me And Somebody’s Son

From the authors, Michelle Elaine & Dejah Rice, comes a new captivating, smokin’ hot, urban romance series. Me And Somebody’s Son is full of page-turning romance, jealousy, unforeseeable rifts, and heartbreak.

Finding love in the public eye is never easy, and sometimes it’s even harder to maintain it. The Rowe sisters can’t seem to catch a break. Milani, Tahirah, and Nevaeh are the daughters of Wesley Rowe—a legend in both the music industry and the streets of Atlanta. After his unexpected incarceration, the sisters have endured a roller coaster ride of wins and losses that apply to their professional and love lives.

Milani always appears to be the strong one, but it’s a different reality behind closed doors. The rumors surrounding her relationship may be more than she can handle. Nevaeh, the youngest of the women, is the hardest to approach. When she’s unexpectedly swept off her feet, everything is sunshine and rainbows. This is until her father’s past comes back to haunt her present.

Without either of her parents available, Tahirah finds herself searching for love in all the wrong places. She winds up meeting deceit at its finest by the name of Kasheem Moore. When Kasheem is released from jail, life isn’t the same as when he went in. Things are bound to get ugly before they get pretty; however, what happens when they just keep getting uglier? The two come from two totally different backgrounds, or so that’s what Kasheem initially believes. However, what happens when the truth starts rolling out?

The Rowe sisters will quickly learn that things aren’t always as they seem. Although the ultimate goal is love, it’ll be nearly impossible when secrets start to intertwine right under their noses. In this urban romance series, you’ll get to witness love unfolding, uncontrollable jealousy, slaps of reality, and the drama that comes with loving somebody’s son.