Married To The King Of Cali 2

Get ready for a wild ride as the gang reunites in this gripping, heart-stopping sequel! Kross is on a mission to free Cali from jail, but the stakes are higher than ever before. With the murder of Sal DaVinci looming over him, will he come out on top at the end?

Meanwhile, Cali finds herself trapped in the very life she’s tried to avoid. Despite being married and pregnant, she longs to escape the clutches of the dangerous Kingpin. Will she be able to break free and reclaim the life she deserves? Or will she be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice for love?

Mia is back and ready to claim her man, Messiah. But with his life on the line, will they finally be together? Or will he be too busy fighting for survival?

With time running out and so many unanswered questions, you won’t want to miss a single twist and turn in this drama-filled love story. Take a journey back to Cali and see how it all unfolds.