Married To The Don Of New Orleans

In the sinful world of New Orleans, or as tourists call it, ‘the Big Easy,’ murder, madness, and mayhem slithered through the city that never sleeps. Drugs are transported near and far, city to city and state to state, even country to country, but love was never gained. Real love came with a price, your heart.

Lives lost from drug beefs, infidelity in relationships, and larceny in a lot of hearts. But nothing of what you are about to read could prepare you for the streets of New Orleans.

Grela gave her bonus sons the game but left her only biological daughter in the dark. Selling drugs, trained assassins, gun trading, just to name a few, is what they did. Love wasn’t a part of the equation. Hearts weren’t on the gameboard of chess, or was it?

What happens when matters of the heart are involved? When hearts get broken, and all sanity goes out the window when all you know is kill and how to kill? Change is not a light switch; you can’t just turn the shit on and off.

Take a ride with Endymion, Nemesis, and Zulu as they strap up and take New Orleans by storm physically and emotionally!! Enjoy