Married To The Boss Of Atlanta 2

Bestselling author, Dani Littlepage returned with her sequel, Married To The Boss Of Atlanta 2! This gripping, African American Urban Romance drama from Cole Hart Signature will have you speechless from beginning to end.  

In the second installment of Married to the Boss of Atlanta, the ride picks up where the first installment left off, Camilla back under her husband’s control. After forcing her home at gunpoint, life with Kane is worse than before. The constant death threats, mistreatment, and disrespect have Camilla too terrified to escape, but she’s willing to take a chance; especially, once she learns that her son, Kannon, grows to hate his father. He is now aware of what he has been doing to her. Deciding to put her fear to the side, Camilla sets her plan in motion, to break free from Kane once and for all. Will she be able to divorce her husband? Or will his strong will for them to get together stop her in her tracks?

With Camilla being M.I.A., Rafiq drives himself crazy worrying about the love of his life. As his doubts began to kick in, he learns of Camilla returning home to her husband. This knowledge discourages him. Although, once he finds out that she’s forced to be there, Rafiq, Boyce, and Nakia plan to rescue her from Kane. As he tries to balance school, work and finding Camilla, he discovers that his estranged father is in town and wants to reconnect. Hesitant on what to do, Rafiq changes his mind rekindling. Though, he later learns that his father came out of hiding to seek revenge on his behalf. Could this be the start of a father/son relationship? Or is his father’s act of honor not enough to make up for the years he missed in Rafiq’s life?

As Maggie continues to work hard to cover her tracks, the mysterious phone call she received has her shook with fear. Still, that doesn’t stop her from wanting to carry out her plan of stopping the people that may expose her. After seeing Camilla and Kane in the public eye, she’s pleased. She then knew, her son-in-law held up his end of their deal. However, when the truth unfolds about their marriage, Maggie fills with rage. As she reflects on the hurt and pain she caused her family, she decides to cancel her deadly plan and try to make amends. Amidst her past quickly catching up to her, Maggie is unsure of what her future holds. Her days as a free woman are coming to an end. Will her family and friends be able to forgive Maggie for the decisions she made? Or will she end up alone?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in this unputdownable page tuner, Married To The Boss Of Atlanta 2 by Dani Littlepage!

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