Married To The Boss Of Atlanta

Bestselling author, Dani Littlepage returned with her new series, Married To The Boss Of Atlanta! This gripping, African American Urban Romance drama from Cole Hart Signature will have you speechless from beginning to end. 

When you’re married to a handsome, wealthy and successful man, there is no limit to the financial things that a husband can provide for his wife. Designer clothes, trips out of the country, expensive dining experiences, nice homes, and cars; just to name a few things that come with the lifestyle. The downside to this life, a husband who subjects you to being a prisoner in your home. Is being married to a boss be enough to make a person stay in an unfulfilled marriage?

Camilla Jacobs, a young, beautiful, intelligent yet naïve woman married one of the most successful businessmen in Atlanta. Her husband of four years provided her with a glamorous lifestyle. But life as a housewife was unsatisfying for her. With having little to no life to live, Camilla was unsure of how much longer she could stay married to her controlling husband Kane. After she reunites with an old friend, Camilla starts doing more with her life. When she’s fed up with the mistreatment and disrespect, she separates from her husband and branches out on her own. Although with no skills or experience, she is unsure if she can maintain her high-profile lifestyle without her husband. Will Camilla return to the boring life of a kept and controlled housewife? Or will she boss up and try to stand tall on her own two feet?

Kane Jacobs is a young, handsome, & educated; yet, insecure man who believes he has a perfect life. With his young trophy wife, a three-year-old son that idolizes him and a life as a traveling businessman, he felt like he was on top of the world. However, when Camilla begins to slowly change her life, Kane is uncomfortable with the changes and doesn’t handle them well. Kane later agrees to accept the changes his wife throws his way. But he agrees out of guilt because of the secret life he has in another city.

As he steps up to the plate to help his baby mama more with their one-year daughter, Kaylynn, his insecurities get the best of him. His insecurities sparked an argument between him and Camilla which caused his true feeling to reveal. Kane’s life instantly turns upside down when his wife leaves. Too prideful to let her go and be great, he takes drastic measures to get her back.

Rafiq Sanders is a young, sexy, street smart and mission-oriented man; contrarily, he has spent the last six years of his life in the Fulton County Jail. Falsely accused of crimes he didn’t commit, he believes that he will spend the rest of his life in prison. When the news broke that his aunt who raised him as her own was murdered for trying to get him out of prison, Rafiq filled with intense pain and hatred.

With the help of his cousin, he is released and starts trying to make up for the lost time. However, when he learns that the person who framed him might’ve played a role in the death of his aunt, he’s unsure of the action he should take. His uncertainty is because of the connection the person has to his childhood sweetheart he just reunited with. Will love prevent Rafiq from getting justice for his aunt? Or is his vengeful nature too strong to let go?

In Dani Littlepage’s newest series, Married to the Boss of Atlanta, she will have you clutching your imaginary pearls. Take another unforgettable ride through lies, betrayal, and never-ending drama. Find out the answers to these questions and more in the first installment of this gripping new series.

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