Married To A Philly King

Married To A Philly King. Being the wife of one of Philly’s notorious Kings, Zailah thinks she living her best life. Well protected, fancy habits and money have her sitting on top of the world. However, the lavish life with a Philly King comes with a cost, and either life will sit you down or have you come out on top. In this case, the price is not only her family but her marriage. With every lie told and the constant struggle of staying sane in a marriage that seems to be over, Zailah must decide whether to stay or go.

Kyrie sees his wife slowly slipping away from him. Between having to juggle the demands of the streets and problems of everyone who surrounds him, his decisions became that much harder to make. One small slip up will cause him a great deal of trouble; his marriage will become the last thing on his mind.

With drama, dishonesty, and betrayal coming from all angles, the pair have to decide what will be the outcome. Will they be able to work through their problems together, saving what is supposed to be their happily ever after? Or will the challenges become too unbearable, and their love run its course? Find out in Married To A Philly King by Yona.