Married To A Hood Boss

From new author Kandis comes an enthralling, beautifully crafted, new urban romance series. This emotion filled novel, Married To A Hood Boss, will have you hooked from the first page until the very last.

For Kabria Banks, being in love with the boss isn’t always easy. It comes with challenges that would make many women fold. However, she takes her job seriously and dares anybody to stand in her way. When a series of events threaten to take down her husband, Kabria must do whatever it takes to protect her king. Will it be too much for her to deal with?Or will she handle it the way a boss does?

Zymir “King Zy” Banks is the ultimate definition of a boss. He rules his operation with an iron fist. The only soft spot he has is for his wife. What happens when someone tries to take him down? Will he fold or continue to be the boss he is? Take a journey with Authoress Kandis through a world filled with love, deceit, and betrayal.