Married To A Down South Don

From Cole Hart Signature’s newest author Taniece comes Married To A Down South Don, an urban romance novel about love, loss, drama, and betrayal.

Hawk has always been destined to run the family’s legacy. Once his father falls ill, he’s left with little time to find a bride to take the reins. Kerri is placed in Hawk’s raging path and is given a proposition that later turns into something deeper.

Born a PK, Princess is a rebel by nature. Seeking the love and validation she desperately wants from her father, she falls into the streets at an early age. That exact love she desires is what lands her in the arms of Honor.

Mecca always felt like an outsider in the family ever since his mother lost her battle to lupus before his aunt took him in. His baby’s mother, Elyssa, fills the void in his heart until she dies, giving birth to his daughter, Imani, leaving him to be a single father. Mecca never thinks he’d feel that type of love again until he starts dealing with India.

Secrets spill like water, leaving everyone wondering exactly who can be trusted. Once everything is out in the open, drugs won’t be the only thing lining the streets of Montgomery.