Married To A Dirty South Boss

Lailah is a young independent woman with a passion for life and art, who is dedicated to her future. When she finds herself nursing the wounds created from the man she gave one too many second chances, she decides to focus only on her future and put her visions of love behind. When she meets Zion, her heart is in protective custody, and she’s buried the key. Despite her refusal to let Zion in, there are two things she couldn’t deny from the moment she saw him: the way he made her body weak and the way he infiltrated her mind.

Zion is a man of many talents with just as many secrets. He’s a charming-self-made boss with a passion for women and zero tolerance for disloyalty. Zion has managed to conquer every goal he’s set in his life, but he’s yet to overcome his fear of settling down and becoming a one-woman man. When Lailah blows into his life like a pleasant Eastern breeze, he’ll find everything he never confessed he wanted and more than he could have ever hoped for in a woman. In the blink of an eye, she has become the object of his affection and the owner of his heart. Zion will stop at nothing to defend her and cut down anyone who chooses to go against her.

When Lailah finally gives Zion the key to her heart, the two of them will start a heated-world wind romance that some only read about. Their love for each other is incomparable and their passion is indescribable. However, the journey known as “love” has never been an easy ride, and the path to “commitment” has never been a smooth trail, especially when you’re married to a dirty south boss. When deadly enemies and seductive vixens began a campaign to destroy what Zion and Lailah have built, will their love survive or will they come crashing down as quickly as they climbed on the ride?