Married To A Dade County Savage

Married To A Dade County Savage is a gripping, heart wrenching, hood love story. Additionally, one of the best African American Urban Fiction books out. It’s now available here for your reading satisfaction. In part one of the series, you’ll take an unforgettable ride with the national bestselling author B. Richemond. Her attention-grabbing writing is what brings her characters to life.

When Jada is released from federal prison, the only thing on her mind is seeking revenge and gaining back everything that she lost, including her son. She vows that she will never love again after love and betrayal are what destroyed her in the past. It is not until she meets Santana that she is reconsidering her decision and looking at things in a more positive light.

Santana is everything that she could ever dream of, but the secret that he keeps hidden could possibly tear them apart. Santana knows what he wants and doesn’t plan on stopping until he gets it. He decides to get his hands dirty and expose his savage ways to Jada. Their life and freedom are at stake, and the two of them have to decide if they’d rather choose each other, or let their past demons keep them away.

With Jada trying to balance her emotions, she also finds herself trying to save her friend Sierra from what can possibly send her back to prison.

As Jada works overtime to get her life back on track while trying to figure Santana out, an old face from her past brings her back to a world of hate and pain again.

What will Jada choose: life or love? Find out in the urban fiction series, Married To A Dade County Savage.