Make Me Lose My Breath

Dive into the heart of the streets with “Make Me Lose My Breath” by Kevina Hopkins, where Xara Johnson’s love life is nothing short of a wild ride in this African American romance. This isn’t your typical love story. Xara’s been dealing with Legend, her man who’s as charming as he is trifling, embodying the quintessential cheating boyfriend. Despite all the love she’s got for him, his shady past keeps her wondering if he’s really the one who can offer her the love she’s been dreaming of – that ride or die kind of love that hits different.

Just when Xara thinks true love might just be a myth, Kross Kingston steps into the picture, flipping her world upside down. Kross isn’t just any dude; he’s a rich Alpha man incarnate. With looks that could kill, a bank account to back it up, and a rep on the streets that’s solid, he’s everything Xara didn’t even know she needed. Behind that tough exterior, Kross is a man who knows how to treat a lady, offering her a second chance at the kind of gentle love and unwavering loyalty she deserves.

Now, Xara’s caught up, trying to decide if she should stick with the familiar – even if it’s broken – or take a chance on something new, something that feels like it could be the real thing. “Make Me Lose My Breath” is all about that search for a love that’s raw, real, and hits you deep in your soul, mixing in that street smart flair with the kind of romance that’ll have you questioning what you thought you knew about love.

Step into Xara’s world, where the choices aren’t easy, and the love is complicated. Will she keep running back to Legend, or will Kross be the one to show her what it means to be truly cherished? Get ready for a story that’s packed with drama, passion, and a love so intense, it’ll have you gasping for air.