Lowkey Creepin’ With A Hood Billionaire 3

Imagine being a street dude all your life, and you finally meet the perfect woman to make you believe in love. Coming from two different worlds, August and Armani are proof that sometimes opposites do attract. When August is accused of killing Armani’s brother, their relationship is in shambles, and who knows if it can be repaired.
Gutta and Baby Doll are trying their best to move past the disaster of a wedding day that resulted in chaos and mayhem for everyone. Will life get easier for the newlywed couple? Or will they face more unforeseen mishaps?
Paris has been living in a living hell ever since her baby daddy was released from prison unexpectedly. Being a prisoner in her home, she’s fighting a losing battle for her freedom and getting back to life as she knew it before he was released.
Blac and Kash are everyone’s favorite couple, and they have proven time and time again just how much they love one another. When faced with the unexpected, will their love conquer all? Or will it be too much for the couple to handle? Find out in this jaw-dropping finale!