Low Key Fallin’ For A Savage

#1 in African American Women’s Fiction

For these two sisters, love doesn’t come easy. Bestselling author J. Dominique returns with a heart wrenching romance, Low Key Fallin’ For A Savage.

Gorgeous? Yes.

Ambitious? Definitely.

Looking at sisters Dream and Destiny Parker, they definitely do not look like what they’ve been through. And taking care of themselves is no object. However, the sisters met a set of brothers that can take care of them better than they can themselves, in all areas of their lives. Will the sisters let down their guards enough and allow the men into their hearts and lives?

Being the oldest, Dream has had her fair share of struggle; especially, when it came to men. Now, she’s only concerned with getting her and her sister’s business off the ground. So, the last thing she expects is the wind known as Elijah King to come blowing into her life, changing everything she thought she knew about love.

Love. Nothing to be scared of, especially for Elijah “Eazy” King. He isn’t the type to run from love—in fact, he craves it. At this point in his life, he is ready to settle down and have the type of love, marriage, and life his parents have. The type that lasts decades. Knowing that he doesn’t have this type of love in his current relationship, Elijah is used to hard work. And he is willing to put in the work to achieve this with her… until he sees Dream.

Immediately taken by her, Elijah can see that Dream is everything that he wants, needs, and desires; the type of woman that he wouldn’t mind spending forever and a day with. However, Dream has a shield around her heart that seems to be impenetrable. Will he be able to break through the ice she has around her heart and acquire that love that he wants?

Although she is the baby sister, Destiny has been an adult for as long as she can remember. Not only because of their mother’s neglect but also because she is a young mother herself. Providing for her son has always been Destiny’s priority and she doesn’t take that lightly. However, it seems like she has a second child living with her since her live-in boyfriend allows her to carry both of their weights. Unexpectedly, her knight in shining armor, Jeremiah King, comes right in on time and rescues her and her son, causing Destiny to fall head over heels. However, the only difference is that the feelings return only one way.

Jeremiah “Juice” King is living his best life, due to his profession. Money. His choice of any woman he wants. Power. He’s never met a woman that he cares for or love besides his mother; he’s not looking for one either. So, the last thing he wants is an attachment… of any kind. However, the illicit package of Destiny and her son may be just what he needs—everything that he never knew that he wanted. With the world at his fingertips, will Jeremiah be able to give up his playboy ways for a monogamous life Destiny and her son? Find out in the gripping women’s fiction romance, Low Key Fallin’ For A Savage.

Part 2 available here.