Lovin' A Rich Goon With Motion

Lovin’ A Rich Goon With Motion

My love life was hectic and that was the one thing I could never fake. When he crossed my path, I didn’t have to anymore.

Insightful, intelligent, handsome, and ambitious were just a few words to describe this man. He didn’t have it all, but he had what it took to become as powerful as he wanted. That man had MOTION and a lot of it. That was the one thing that usually deterred me from a man. With him, it made me more drawn to him. I thought all hood dudes smoked Black & Milds, borrowed their girl’s cars, told good lies, and got side women pregnant. Carter was the complete opposite of what I was used to.

I just wasn’t expecting life to get so crazy when danger and problems began to come from every direction.

Just because I’m a so-called project chick or living on Section 8, I am not less than, I am not dirty, I am not poor, I am not ratchet, I do not sell myself.

Having said that, I am aware that I can’t change the way people view me. I’m the backbone of my entire family. Despite looking at holes in the wall, my neighbor’s roaches, and practically my whole family staying with me, I have never lost sight of the beauty in having something to consider my own; courtesy of my mom. Because of the housing voucher with the house she left me, I was making staying afloat look easy.

He never judges me; he was the breath of fresh air I never knew I needed. Yet he was trouble, an enemy to my family let them tell it; however, my mind never once told me to get away from him. The problems that would have torn most normal people apart made us closer. With the kind of past that we both had, our love should have been forbidden. I just wasn’t sure if that meant we would be free to flourish, or hit a dead end. With this new release from Yona Pearson, she leaves you filled with emotions and hungry for more. If you’re a fan of second chance romance, African American love stories, rich Alpha men with cheating problems, then ‘Lovin’ A Rich Goon With Motion’ is for you.