Lovin’ A Chi-Town Dope Boy 2

Tweet and Dez came home to find the house covered in blood. Instantly, Dez is upset and ready to kill for answers. Tweet suspects that it’s Slice, but she doesn’t have any proof. Samples of blood were taken by the police and processed by forensics. The results are beyond shocking.

Slice has tricks up his sleeves for days. He plans to ruin Tweet and Dez’s lives for years to come. Slice is angry, hurt, and wants everyone to pay. The anguish and rage stems from one incident that Tweet stumbles upon when she breaks into his house to look for answers. She can’t believe what she finds. The truth is deep-rooted. It involves her and Dez’s family.

Meanwhile, Tweet and Dez are trying their best to escape the destruction that Slice has planned for them. They vowed to work on their strained relationship. Dez wants to make things official with Tweet. He wants the adoption reversed so their boys can come to live with them. Also, he wants Tweet to have another baby. However, Tweet has a secret about their children’s adoption. There is a possibility that Dez may never be able to see his sons. Will Dez give up on Tweet when he finds out what she’s been hiding from him?

Dark secrets. Blood-shed. Treachery. Dez has been shot and he’s missing. Tweet is arrested for his alleged murder. Nexus, Dez’s close friend and boss has been called to help out. Can anyone stop Slice? Or will Slice finish everyone off with his master plan? This riveting finale of Lovin A Chi-Town Dope Boy 2 will leave you breathless.