Lovin’ A Chi-Town Dope Boy

Dezmond “Dez” Pennington was the new kid in school. He was a bad boy from around the way. After his parents lost custody of him — due to neglect charges— he moved in with his aunt in the suburbs. From the wild streets of Chicago, he was a rising track star that moved about an hour away from the Windy City. It didn’t take Dez long to make plenty of friends. He caught the eye of all the girls in his school. Of course, he was handsome with dimples, tall, charming, and had a way with words. Yet, this street kid only had his eyes for one girl. Her nickname was Tweet and she didn’t even know he existed.

Tierney “Tweet” Parkinson was born into wealth. Her parents were high-powered attorneys so she lived a luxurious lifestyle. Her home was a mansion, she utilized car service every day, and never struggled a day in her life. She was a good student, who followed the rules, and always obeyed her parents until she met Dez. Once he came into her life, her nose was open; her heart only beat for him and she wanted to carry his last name in the future.

These teens might have been from two different worlds, but after one heated exchanged at school, they became an item. They bonded in detention, going from enemies to a blossoming relationship. Every time someone saw Dez, they saw Tweet. They studied together, they hung out together after school, and they shared their first intimate experience together too.
When Tweet told Dez that she was pregnant, he expressed that he wasn’t ready to be a father. Raised in dysfunction, Dez feared caring for a child. Instead of explaining that to Tweet, he bailed out. She was left to face her teen pregnancy alone in fear. Tweet couldn’t believe that Dez did her like that. He broke her heart. She thought their love would conquer it all. He was her king and she was his queen.

Ten years later, they reunite. Dez was back after making his money in the streets. He had stepped his game up, big time. His life was almost complete. He had everything he wanted except for Tweet. He wanted to make things right and get his family back. Will Tweet forgive him and take him back? Or has she moved on to another man, forgetting all about Dez? Find out how this burning love affair turns out in Lovin A Chi-Town Dope Boy by Princess Diamond.