Losing Me To A Memphis Boss 2

A lot of times a person doesn’t realize how much someone means to them until they’re gone. They may think it’s easy to replace them, only to find out the new person they are with is nothing like the person they lost. Acting like you don’t care about a person could cost you that person. It could cost you the love of your life. Mistreating a good person is a losing game.

Imani got lucky finding a good man after dealing with Trell’s lies, manipulation, and cheating. Imani and Choppa are still happily in love. Choppa helped her become the best that she could be. He showed her how a woman is supposed to be treated. Things between her and Stormy are still rocky. After they both come up with the idea of wanting to take over the club, only one of them is able to achieve that goal. Stormy is sleeping with Big Mike, trying to make sure all her eggs are in a basket to be the owner. While Imani, on the other hand, has the biggest drug dealer in Memphis on her side. Choppa will stop at nothing to ensure his queen gets what she wants.

Stormy still has it out for her cousin Imani. When she runs into a guy who looks like Major, happiness finds her heart again. The only problem is Major has a girlfriend. Will Stormy back off, or will she continue to pursue him?

Trell has moved on with his life and has a new love after the divorce. After trying to change his ways for the best, will he get lucky with a good woman twice? Or will he be in for a big surprise in the end? They say you only get one shot at real love, and if you’re really lucky, two. Before Trell can completely change his life around he is trying to pay Choppa what he owes him. Choppa has given Trell a certain amount of time to come up with the money, or he may be a dead man. Will Trell be able to beat the clock with all the money he owes Choppa? Will luck be on his side, or will his luck run out for him this time?