Losing Me To A Memphis Boss

mani has always been around drug dealers her whole life, so it was no surprise that she married one. Imani’s dad was one of the biggest drug dealers when she was growing up. Trell was the guy she married who isn’t doing too good in the dope game, and neither is their marriage. Growing up with a father who was a drug dealer made Imani learn the street life and drug dealing world fast. She tried to teach her husband the game, but he won’t allow her. His ego is too big, and he didn’t want a female to have to teach him the game.

Trell continues doing things his way until he comes up short off one of the biggest drug dealers in Memphis. Then he turns to Imani for help. When Trell has his wife go pay the biggest drug dealer in Memphis named Choppa, he may have made a big mistake while trying to save his life. It’s no surprise that when Choppa and Imani meet, they immediately hit things off from the start.

Not only was Choppa fine, but he was an intelligent drug dealer who makes boss moves. Being the king of the drug world, everybody in the streets knew Choppa and not to double cross him. Imani is not only drawn to Choppa’s bad boy side, she’s also drawn to Choppa’s romantic side. Imani tried to do everything she could to save her marriage but finally stopped when it became apparent she was the only one trying. While secretly spending time with Choppa, he makes her feel like a queen. Choppa’s motivational words and his whole swag take Imani’s breath away. Choppa is doing everything she wished her husband would.

How will Trell take it now that his wife is falling out of love with him? Will he try to fix things in his marriage? Or will he risk losing his wife to a Memphis Boss? A man who is willing to do all the things he didn’t do and not take her love for granted.