Lil Project Chick From The Chi: A Hood Love Story

From Cole Hart Signature’s newest author, Goddess Love, comes a riveting new urban romance series, Lil Project Chick From The Chi, full of secrets, heartbreak, and page-turning drama.

Life in Chicago is what you make it, and for young mother Zion Anthony, she was just trying to survive day by day and provide for her son. She has dreams of becoming a successful business owner and giving her child the childhood she never had. Zion is in a forced relationship with her child’s father, Banga, and their history was the only thing keeping them together.

Banga, an upcoming rap artist who gets his money from his devious acts of crime, doesn’t care who he hurts, including Zion. When his unfaithfulness lands him in a compromising position, Zion realizes it’s time to call it quits.

Zion thought Banga was all that life could offer her in a man; until she lands a job working for Lennox ‘Scar’ Mendez, who quickly shows her what a real man is. Lennox is the leader of a money getting gang that he started, Blood Money Mob. And with a life like that, Zion would need a seatbelt on to ride with him. Lennox was everything and more. But with his lifestyle comes trouble and the new couple soon realizes that in this cold city, nobody ever wants to see you doing good.

Join Zion, Lennox, and their families as they all give you a glimpse of life in the Chi.