Lil Project Chick From The Chi 3

The finale is here, and because good things always come to an end, this last ride will pull at all of your emotions. We left off with Zion being kidnapped by the same person she had wanted to meet since childhood, her own father. Finding out his true intentions with her, Zion is in for the fight of her life to get out and back to the man that she loves, Scar.

But, Scar is having family problems of his own in another country. When he finds out Zion is missing, he flies back to Chicago with murder on his mind. Scar is coming for anybody who has wronged him and brought harm to the woman he loves. Even someone with power like Scar has battles to fight, but will Scar conquer his enemies? Or is his ending the opposite of a fairytale?

Yatta and Blaine are back together again, making hit songs as she follows her dreams. The news of her daughter being alive was unexpected, leaving Yatta with the hard task of telling Blaine. How he accepts the news will determine the direction of their budding relationship. Do these two continue making magic together beyond the studio? Blaine is going through divorce woes with his ex, so drama never left his front door, but is he able to balance drama from every angle in his life?

Read this finale to get all of your questions answered. Not everyone is guaranteed a happy ending. Are your favorite couples surviving their toughest times?