Lil Project Chick From The Chi 2

The sequel to a heart-wrenching ending is finally here. Scar and Mello were involved in a devastating shootout and car accident that leaves everyone questioning: did they both make it out with minimal injuries? The beef between BMM and the Killa Souls keeps on brewing, and Scar will make sure his mob are the last men standing.

Zion is hit with the news that her man and her son are possibly hurt right after she’s faced with the possibility that her and Scar might have a baby on the way. But, what she doesn’t know is that her worse problems are yet to come. Drama with Banga is never-ending, and he will make sure Zion doesn’t find her happiness with Scar. Banga is the true meaning of misery loves company, and since his life is in turmoil, he wants the same for those around him.

Yatta is finally getting where she wants to be in her rap career. However, her relationship with Lamir seems to be failing day by day. What Yatta doesn’t know is that Lamir has a secret he has been hiding from her, and she finds out sooner than he intended for her to. Will this secret send her right back into the arms of her first true love, Blaine?

Speaking of Blaine, he’s feeling like the man with his newfound business, In Tune Records, with Yatta as his first signed artist. He busies himself with his record label, but his personal problems take his focus off his bag when his runaway wife shows her face back home. Happy isn’t back for anything but their daughter, but Blaine is willing to go head to head with her when it comes to their child.

Hot Girl Enchanting is having the time of her life with her many boo thangs, but when Big Ten puts her in a messed up predicament, it has her questioning if dealing with him is even worth it. She has Osiris, but he has an agenda of his own. And Enchanting is his one key to getting close to finding the daughter he turned his back on many years ago. Enchanting is so caught up in chasing a bag that she forgets her old boss, Indigo is on a chase of her own to find her. Will Enchanting scheming ways finally catch up to her?

Tasia might have succeeded in pulling a setup off against Scar. But her husband and his greed puts a wedge in between their marriage that sends Tasia running right back to the gang she betrayed for Cochise. But, she isn’t welcomed back with open arms, which leaves Tasia realizing that she deceived the only people who honestly cared about her. Karma doesn’t miss anyone, and Tasia soon sees that for herself.

Hop into this juicy part two and go for a ride in the Chi that will have you clinging onto your seat.