Lick Back: A Hood Love Story

Heartbreak after heartbreak. Set back after set back. Dawn has been going through nothing but turmoil, trying to love a man that only loved himself. Draco has only shown her that he would only continue to do what she allows. 

As women, sometimes we find that love makes us stay in situations that we should’ve walked away from a long time ago. Dawn is in dilemma to leave but each time the thought crosses her mind she finds herself at a standstill, trying to find the person she fell in love with and not the man that he has become. 

When the cheating occurs one too many times and the secret that Draco tries to withhold from Dawn exposes his infidelity even more. The woman that he never expected to get away, finally finds the strength to move. Will he accept his fate? Or will her getting her Lick Back sends him to a mental state that he never anticipated being in?

Come along with the crew as they experience all of the lessons that life has to teach us in this jaw-dropping, drama-filled series!