Lick Back 3

Lick Back 3

From the bestselling author of the classic romance series Low Key Creepin’ With A Hood Billionaire, comes Lick Back 3: A Hood Love Story, a gripping tale set in the heart of Brookstown.

Cannon, a force of chaos, shakes the city with his ferocious desire for retribution. Driven to the edge by the untimely overdose of his newly discovered brother Draco, Cannon directs his rage towards Zeilan. However, his impulsive act of kidnapping Zeilan, a man of considerable power, could push him into a perilous downfall.

Meanwhile, Dawn, Zeilan’s heartbroken lover, is tossed into a whirlpool of emotions. With Zeilan in the clutches of a formidable enemy, she places her trust in allies Nico and Zeek, hoping they can bring him back safely. In her life, she only has her son Jordan, her family, her friends, and a flickering flame of hope, which she guards fiercely.

In this riveting narrative of passion, power, and retribution, only one can claim the throne. Will it be Cannon, the wrathful avenger? Or will Zeilan, the reigning king, maintain his grip on the city?

Experience a story where the undercurrents of desire meet the ruthless world of power, and where every choice could either lead to heart-wrenching loss or exhilarating victory.