Lick Back 2: A Hood Love Story

After Draco comes face to face with his past, he knows that he’s looking death directly in the eyes. He’s learned quickly that for every action there is a reaction, and you must be prepared to face the consequences of those actions. His entire world has been stripped away from him as a result of his wrongdoings. Will things turn around for him, or will this be the end of the road?

Zeilan is the epitome of money, power, and respect. He demands attention whenever his presence enters the room. Securing the woman of his dreams and loving her son as his own, he has everything that a man could ever want and more. He’ll go to no ends to get his Lick Back to those who have crossed him in the past. Him seeking retribution will bring about unforeseen new enemies. Will he continue to run Brookstown with an iron fist? Or will he cross paths with someone just as deadly as him?

New loves will develop but also will new complications for all parties involved. Come along with this crew as they experience betrayal, triumph, and a whole lot of getting your LICK BACK!