Leah & Dre: A Philly Love Story

From Yona comes a stirring Philly romance series about unexpected love, heartbreak, and new beginnings. 

For Aleah (Leah), her marriage meant everything, and the family she built meant even more. That was until she found out that her first everything, her husband was possibly keeping secrets that could destroy not only their marriage, but their family. While searching for the truth, life throws a blow her way that knocks her off her feet. Aleah felt betrayed and hurt in the worst way possible and knew that it was time to leave. Having to start over with two kids and nothing to her name but a car, Aleah vowed to get everything on her own and to never love or depend on a man again.

Life for DreQuan (Dre), seemed perfect. He had a good job, an amazing daughter and a great fiancé. Even with his daughter’s mother doing everything in her power to get under his skin. Dre was living his best life and everything was going in the right direction… or so he thought. While Dre wanted to expand his family and get married, his fiancé Kamirra wanted something different. Kamirra showed Dre just how much the choices of someone else could effect your life. The bond —he thought they had— was broken, while his heart shattered into pieces.

Like always, fate would have its way and a sad and lonely ride to court for both Leah and Dre brings them together. The two become inseparable and a friendship forms. Their bond becomes stronger and feelings, neither could deny, soon developed. Will their love story make it as one for the books? Or will it end before it can really began?