Leah & Dre 2: A Philly Love Story

From Yona comes an invigorating, page-turning urban romance finale, Leah & Dre 2, that will conclude in ways you’d never expect. 

This story picks right back up where it left off. After dealing with some major betrayal, Leah finally feels like she has found love. However, everything soon came crashing down in one traumatizing car crash. Leah realizes she may have to sacrifice everything for her kids, and without a second thought, she’s willing to.

At the same time, Dre was having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that his life may just be too good to be true. While he thought he found love, he wasn’t sure if love had really found him. As if that wasn’t enough, a drastic moment with his cousin had him willing to risk everything he worked hard for and turn back to the streets.

Take one last ride with Aleah and Dre as they find themselves at odds. And their relationship quickly seems to fade to the back. Will they be able to pull things back together and weather the storm? Or will too much damage be done that they can’t bounce back from?