Kwame & Kyhanna: Super Box Set: Complete Series

“You never know a piece of your soul is missing until your soul is staring you right in the face.”

“Me, myself and I” is the code that Kyhanna Gregory lived by. Kyhanna had to grow up faster than she imagined with her older brother incarcerated, a drug-addicted mother and a little brother who depends on her for everything.

After an unexpected event takes place, the life that Kyhanna grew accustomed to surviving in is thrown upside down; she, moreover, is left to pick up the pieces alone. From the minute Kwame Patterson first laid eyes on the young bombshell Kyhanna he was determined to make her his. Even if he’s never been the knight in shining armor type, Kyhanna is that type of chick to make a young boss like him switch his whole style up. He decided to give up his player ways in order to embark on the love of a lifetime. However, just because one decides to put their past behind them doesn’t mean that their past won’t come back to haunt them. Kwame soon finds himself in the middle of two crazy ass women who refuse to let him go.

In Kwame and Kyhanna, a true bond between two hearts reveals along with every possible scenario designed to break them up. Will true love prevail?