Knocked Up By My Millionaire Crush

Knocked Up By My Millionaire Crush

Loving someone who loves another is heartbreaking, but loving someone who loves you back yet can’t be with you is even more painful. Should you give up on love when it seems impossible or try to find it in someone else, even if they aren’t the one you hoped for?

Halo is a young man shattered by the tragic loss of his brother. He’s sworn off relationships until Demi, the girl he’s secretly loved for years, shows him kindness during his darkest times. But Demi’s heart belongs to Noah, her millionaire crush who only wants her in secret to protect his image. Everything changes when she finds out she’s pregnant.

Demi is so focused on Noah that she doesn’t see he’s been cheating on her with Royalty—a woman who seems to have it all. Noah is desperate to keep his attraction to Demi hidden because he doesn’t want his circle to know he secretly likes plus-sized women. Meanwhile, Demi, with her sweet face and curves, often feels judged by those who only see traditional beauty. Her only confidante is Joon, Noah’s mysterious twin sister, who has her own hidden troubles.

As Halo’s love and support for Demi grow, he becomes determined to help her see the truth about Noah. Can his love and respect finally open her eyes? Will Noah find the strength to choose his real feelings over his public image?

“Knocked Up By My Millionaire Crush” is an emotional and unconventional love story about the struggles of relationships, the power of friendship, and the surprises that come when close friends become something more. Join these characters as their lives intertwine in ways they never expected.

If you’re a fan of African American romance, hood love, rich Alpha men, second chance romance, and friends to lovers, you’ll be captivated by Knocked Up By My Millionaire Crush by Krystal Armstead.