Knocked Up By A Drug Dealer

Knocked Up By A Drug Dealer

In the heartless city of Atlanta, where beautiful women flock to rich hustlers, Charm’s life is a balancing act on the edge of two worlds. Her brother, Chance, is the kingpin of his own domain, ruling with a mix of fear and respect. His one unbreakable law for Charm: Stay away from the drug game, and especially from the men who run it. However, her heart beats to its own rhythm, rules are like chains waiting to be broken. She’s tired of feeling like a prisoner underneath her brother’s watch.

Nasheed Houston, the embodiment of everything Chance warned her against. A notorious and gang affiliated drug dealer whose name echoes with power and danger, Nasheed is a storm dressed in charisma, the real meaning of Demon time, a forbidden temptation that Charm finds irresistible. He’s the secret she dances with in the moon lit skies of Bankhead and the risk she’s willing to take for a taste of the unknown.

But Nasheed’s world is one of shadows and deceit. With his eyes set on Charm, she’s a pawn in a game of revenge, a strategy in his quest for dominance. Their fiery romance spirals into a labyrinth of passion and lies, pulling Charm deeper into a life she was warned to avoid.

As the stakes get higher, Charm finds herself not just in love, but pregnant, carrying the child of her brother enemy. The revelation is a ticking time bomb, a secret that threatens to shatter the fragile balance of her world.

“Knocked Up By A Drug Dealer” is a raw, jaw dropping African America romance that delves deep into the heart of forbidden love, family loyalty, and the harsh consequences of choices made in the heat of passion. It’s a hood love story that sings with the rhythm of Atlanta’s streets, an unputdownable tale that captures the essence of desire, betrayal, and the complexities of the human heart.

Get ready to be engulfed in a story that’s as real as it gets, where every page throbs with emotion and every twist leaves you breathless. This isn’t just a book; it’s an experience, a journey through the depths of love, danger, and the consequences of decisions made in the shadows of desire.