Just Got A Thang For Them Rich Thugs 2

Just Got A Thang For Them Rich Thugs 2

From the author who gave you the bestselling, billionaire romance series’ The Night A Rich Thug Saved Me and When A Chi-Town Billionaire Wants You, #1 Bestselling author Princess Diamond brings you the finale to her latest bestselling series, Just Got A Thang For Them Rich Thugs 2. 

Poppy and Punkin’s love story is full of twists and turns. Right after high school, Poppy’s got big plans. He’s signed a contract to play basketball in Spain and wants Punkin to come with him. He even picks out a super expensive ring to propose to her.

But things don’t go as planned. He gets a call from Jovan that messes things up, making him question Punkin. Hurt and feeling tricked, Poppy takes off to Spain without Punkin, leaving their relationship up in the air. Will Poppy figure things out with Punkin? Or will he fall for his ex, Imani, who’s still in the picture?

On the other hand, Punkin’s world is turned upside down. Her graduation day is nothing like she expected. She finds out she’s pregnant and her mom gets shot. As if that’s not bad enough, Poppy leaves without even saying goodbye. Will Punkin turn to her ex, Jovan, when things get tough? Or will she stand strong on her own, just like her mom raised her to be?

Find out if love can win in the end in ‘Just Got A Thang For Those Rich Thugs 2: The Finale’ by Princess Diamond.