Just Got A Thang For Them Rich Thugs

Just Got A Thang For Them Rich Thugs

Discover the latest novel from the renowned author, Princess Diamond—Just Got A Thang For Them Rich Thugs. Recognized for her captivating series, The Night A Rich Thug Saved Me and Barbie & Benz (A Thug Love Story), Princess Diamond continues to dominate the literary world. This new release is bound to grip readers with its compelling narrative and unforgettable characters. Don’t miss out on this fresh journey of love and life from one of the leading voices in African American literature.

What happens when the most popular guy needs help from the smartest girl in order to complete high school? He faces a beautiful distraction, young adult pressures, and temptation.

Eighteen-year-old Poppy “The Ruler” Billionaire isn’t just a multimillionaire hip-hop star and a basketball sensation; he’s also the most unlikely candidate for love. A stubborn, Know-It-All, loner who thinks he has life all figured out.

Senior year is almost over. Finally, promising him freedom. There is one issue. Poppy’s missing crucial credits for graduation. To his surprise, his his only ticket to marching with his classmates lies in the hands of Punkin Guerra. The one girl who pretends like he doesn’t exist.

Punkin is not his biggest fan. She has never been swept up in Poppy’s glitzy life of fame, fortune, and popularity. But she shares a genuine bond with his beloved Nana. A bond strong enough to convince Punkin to help her grandson, despite their deep-rooted problems.

Forced into each other’s lives, Poppy and Punkin embark on a senior year unlike any other. With every shared moment and every late-night study session, their icy relationship begins to unthaw. An budding romance blooms in the shadow, taking them both by surprise.

Can Poppy and Punkin ride the rollercoaster of their unlikely romance and find a love deeper than they ever imagined? Or will they let their regrets and past hurts ignite a flame that burns their bond to the ground?

In Just Got A Thang For Them Rich Thugs, you’ll be immersed in a whirlwind of games as the lines are crossed and feelings are hurt. Will Poppy and Punkin rewrite their destiny, or are they destined to fail, swearing off love forever?