Juelz & Justice: Capturing A Boss’ Heart

Family, Justice, and Finances were the only things that Justice really cared about, her motto so to speak. She was all about taking care of her kids and making sure they have a good life like the one that her mother provided for her. She had finally gotten to the point where life was good. After going through major heartbreak with her kid’s father, Justice made up in her mind that love wasn’t for her. In her eyes, men were a distraction. What Justice didn’t know was that Julez would come bombarding in her life and change all of that.

Julez’s only focus was getting money and taking care of his beautiful daughter Jewelz. After dealing with his baby mama Morgan, he knew that being in a relationship was a thing of the past. That all changed when he met Justice. He knew the day that he met her that she was all that he ever needed, but never knew he wanted.

Jalissa dealt with so much heartbreak; however, when she meets Gem, she never thought he would be the man that she needed. She had so much going on in her life that she was not ready for the surprise that life had in store for her.

It seemed that things were going good until a family secret comes out and ruins everything.

Will they make it through, or will the secret destroy them all?