Juelz & Justice 2: Capturing A Boss’ Heart

Jammie Jaye returned with the finale, Juelz & Justice 2: Capturing A Boss’ Heart. This unputdownable African American Urban Romance will conclude in ways you’d never expect.

Thugs were going good for Justice and she thought that she had her whole life figured out. That was until Juelz waltzed in and wreaked havoc on her life. Justice went from a simple life with her two girls to a complicated one with another baby on the way. The day that she allowed Ju in her life was the day things changed drastically for her. Now that she was in love, she just knew that life would be like a fairy tale; it was everything but that.

Le Le now had the man that she wanted. She was happy and on her journey to mother hood. Her and Gem life was going great; until, Brittany decided that she deserved the man that she had. Will Brittany’s conniving ways make life hard for them? Or will their bond be strong enough?