It’s The Chemistry For Me 2

The burning question remains unanswered. Is Aspen okay? Staring death in the face, she continuously fights for her life while everything around her crumbles—the husband, the side dude, and, most importantly, her sanity. Through obstacle after obstacle, Aspen has proven her strength, but strong is not something she wants to be forever. All she ever dreamed of was finding everlasting love. What she and Kreed shared was real and deep, yet she couldn’t give him her all until she was completely done with Ahmed and over her past.

Almost at his wit’s end, Kreed is fed up. He has stressed how he couldn’t take any more disrespect from Ahmed or his family. With little to no hope, he’s conflicted between staying around because of his strong feelings toward Aspen or doubling back with Raven. They say your first love is a love that’s hard to get over. Will time reveal that Raven is no good for him or that Aspen simply can’t get it right for him?

An unfolding story with a captivating ending about betrayal, passion, and power.