It’s The Chemistry For Me

You know that love that shouldn’t happen? The one where you’re second-guessing your feelings? Aspen couldn’t shake the feelings she had grown for Kreed. Although she harbored them inside for as long as she could, eventually, she couldn’t keep up the facade. From the way he walked to the way he talked, she was mesmerized. Captured by his tantalizing aura, could she see herself with him? Giving up everything she knew to start a journey with a stranger? It wasn’t farfetched, but it wasn’t something you’d imagine. Forbidden love was real, but loving and pursuing someone while currently married was the real problem.

Kreed was a man of honor. Family was his number one priority until it was ripped away from him at the hands of someone he had put his trust in. With nowhere to go and a whole lot to lose, he did what any man would do. Survive.

Ahmed had money, good looks, and power, all the makings of a good husband to those on the outside looking in. But in reality, he was selfish! His needs and wants meant more to him than his wife, leaving her to fend for herself. Egotistical and stubborn, Ahmed found himself losing a battle he swore he had control over.

Will Ahmed be able to reel Aspen back in, or is she too far gone, and he’s a little too late? A book of chemistry, love, broken bonds, and shattered hearts.