It's Either Bae Or The Millionaire Next Door

It’s Either Bae Or The Millionaire Next Door

Truth is a name that carries weight not just in his neighborhood, but in every city that knows his name. Rising from a tough past, he’s built a successful life through sheer grit and ambition. His passion for his work, the dangerous but lucrative business of drug dealing, fuels his drive and fills his pockets. Women flock to him, but he’s never met anyone quite like Katrina, his sharp-tongued and fiercely independent new neighbor.

Katrina is living her dream life: engaged to her loving boyfriend, Zion, and owner of a new mansion nestled among the stars. But her perfect world is upended when she crosses paths with Truth, the charismatic millionaire next door. He captures her attention with his brazen confidence and undeniable charm, igniting a connection she’s never felt with Zion. As she’s drawn into Truth’s world, she’s forced to question what she really wants.

But with every choice comes consequences. Secrets lurk in the shadows of their lives—hidden relationships, unexpected children, and unspoken confessions. As the truth unravels, Katrina finds herself caught in a storm of love and lies. Caught between the comfort of Zion and the thrill of Truth, Katrina must decide where her heart truly lies. Will she choose the safety of her familiar life, or will she be swayed by the allure of the millionaire next door? The journey of love is never straightforward, especially not in this compelling tale of romance, hood love and drama.