Issa Hood Love Story: Shampaine & Savage

Shampain was what you would call a bad bish. But, beyond the perfect outside laid a damaged heart and reckless soul. A life filled with murder, pain, and secrets made Shampain the woman she was today. If a man wasn’t furthering her gold digging career, then she had no use for him. At least, until she met Savage. He became the one she wants, just because, but will her past allow her a chance with her future?
Savage was all about hustling until his bank accounts couldn’t hold anymore. He was ruthless in the streets and, when it came to his money, nothing else mattered. Savage had never come across a woman who didn’t want to be saved by him, loved by him, until he met Shampain. She had a name in the streets, but he still wanted her. But, would the guilt he carried from his past allow his brother to ruin it all?