Issa Hood Love Story: Lyric & London

Lyric Pierce, the wife of notorious dope boy London Pierce, is living the life women half her age could only dream of. Nice house, expensive cars, expensive jewelry and a promising career as a doctor. Aside from the infidelities that plagues her marriage, the biggest mistress of them all is her mother-in-law, Sylvia. Sylvia Pierce loves her boys with everything in her. She takes the saying, “mother knows best”, a little too serious. She hates anyone that comes into her son’s life and she makes it her top priority to do anything to tear them apart. Unluckily for her, she’s met her match with Lyric. Lyric is feisty and cut-throat, holding nothing back when it comes to the people she loves. A good loyal friend and a ride or die wife for her man. However, things took an unexpected turn of events with the ultimate betrayal. Lyric is not sure if she’s able to hold it all together.

Never in a million years did London think he’d be someone’s husband. Growing up with the “married to the streets” mentality, he never dealt with someone so tough until he met Lyric. From day one, he knew she was special. Unwilling to share her with the world, he married her. He soon realized that being with one woman man wasn’t an easy task. Although his heart belonged to her, he couldn’t keep his hands to himself and found himself hurting his wife on several different occasions. Buying Lyric expensive gifts was London’s way of apologizing, but the latest stunt may be the one to end them for good.

Join Lyric and London on their journey through love, heartbreak, deceit and lies, all the while dealing with the MOTHER IN LAW FROM HELL!