Issa Hood Love Story: Jacquelyn & Finesse

Jacquelyn and Finesse’s dysfunctional relationship was first introduced in my book, Fallin’ For A Sacramento Boss. The two met through their older siblings, Vezo (Finesse’s brother) and Tula (Jacquelyn’s brother), who were business partners in the dope game. Jacquelyn is a smart mouth young woman with sex-appeal, and Finesse is a good looking, successful dope boy. This story shows you some back story on the young couple and some obstacles they had to face to stay together.
Finesse is used to having multiple women, but he is tired of the games they play with each other. When he meets Jacquelyn, he is drawn to her like a moth to a flame. He would do anything to keep her, including lie to her about cheating on her with her classmate, Porsha.
Jacquelyn isn’t pleased when Porsha teases her about spending time with Finesse in front of everyone. He left her crying and alone. She ends up fighting and knocking Porsha to the ground. Things take a turn when Jacquelyn refuses to talk to Finesse. He shows her an abusive side she’s never seen before, but that draws her closer to him. Can she stay with a man that humiliated her?
Emotions get aroused when there is an unexpected death in Finesse’s family. His first mind is to murder anything moving. Will he end up dead or in jail trying to get revenge? Everything he ever loved and believed in no longer matters. When Jacquelyn tries to make him calm down, he doesn’t listen and leaves the house looking for answers. Jacquelyn is a nervous wreck, as her gut feeling tells her that Finesse isn’t coming home.
Join me on this emotional read as you step into the lives of Jacquelyn & Finesse.