Issa Hood Love Story: Iesha & Stone

They say when you don’t look, you’ll find. That just may be the case for semi-single Iesha. She finds the courage to leave her no-good baby daddy but has trouble staying completely away from him. He’s a great father to their daughter but a terrible spouse to her. She’s adjusting to being single, but a chance encounter with the notorious Stone may have her reconsidering being alone.
Stone finds himself a single father after his baby mama decides she’s not ready to be a mother to their three-week old son. He finds himself in a bind and ends up needing the chick he only had intentions on one nighting. He had no plans on Iesha becoming someone he depends on, but things never go as planned. Find out what happens when two people with no intentions of finding love collide. Is Iesha just what the doctor ordered for Stone, or is she just another notch in his belt? Can Stone be everything she lacked in her previous relationship, or are all men the same?